New Signing / Stinky : When Punk HxC enters Finisterian Dead End’s Roster!!


Finisterian Dead End Metal Label is proud to host a new talented and crazy band in his roster : Stinky !!

Formed in Nantes in 2010, this Punk HxC crew , influenced by bands such as Comeback Kid, Miles Away or Champion is already know for his burstling activities and his energetic sets :More than 270 concerts in 14 different countries, 4 European tours, taking part in several festivals ( Hellfest Open Air 2014 (Warzone Stage) or the Xtreme Fest 2016), 3 EPs, 1 album, videoclips,…


Stinky already shared stage with  Sick Of It All, Terror, Comeback Kid, Millencolin, Against me, Expire, Tagada Jones, Black Bomb A, Turnstile, No Turning Back, All For Nothing, Get The Shot Death Before Dishonor …

2017 will be their Grand Coming back , with the support of Finisterian Dead End Metal Label and a new album (this fall) . Be ready for a great slap of Metal HxC !!

MALKAVIAN unleashes “Altar of the Damned” First kicking ass Single !!

Malkavian is Back !!

New guitarist, New Kicking Ass Album, 2017 will be a very hot Metal Year !!

With the partnerships of Finisterian Dead End Metal Label,  Season of Mist and Code 7 , the band reveals “Altar of the Damned’ , first Video Clip realized by Rémi Signorino (Fb page : and illustrating “Annihilating the Shades” out on March !!

pre-orders will be launched on February 13th on .

Be prepared, the guys are ready to break your neck again!!

MANTRA : “Marcasite” Playthrough / Simon St Georges/ Guitars


In the heart of nature, when the call of the void overcomes the fear of heights, ritual performance takes on its meaning.
In a secret and inaccessible place, the band put the spotlight on Simon Saint-Georges’s Telecaster during a guitar playthrough on the song “Marcasite”, shot in the French wilderness. An epic track of 8 minutes that opens the band’s new album and plunges you into the primitive and wild universe of the valley of “Laniakea”.

An exclusivity by It Djents, who is trusting Mantra once again.
Video shot, directed and edited by the talented drummer of the band, Gabriel Junod.

Thanks to Season of Mist, Code 7 and Skull Strings.

“No cliff is high enough to satisfy my will for endless fall”

MALKAVIAN is Back in 2017 !!

Official Malkavian declaration :

“We are pleased and proud to unveil the cover of our second album entitled “ANNIHILATING THE SHADES” !! It’s gonna be released on march 2017 with Finisterian Dead End / Season of Mist. Once again, we had the pleasure to work with Mr Nico Gazut at Cion ! We would like to thank him a lot for his work and for supporting us since many years.

Spread the word to the maximum !!”

Breaking News : War Inside is looking for a new singer!!

2017/01/09 Official Band declaration:
“En raison d’un emploi du temps bien chargé, Thomas fait le choix de quitter le groupe. Nous lui souhaitons une excellente continuation et le remercions pour ces 8 ans de partage.
WAR INSIDE recherche donc actuellement un nouveau chanteur, en vue de l’enregistrement d’un troisième album, et bien sûr de dates.
Quelqu’un de sérieux, disponible et impliqué, dans un registre autant Death que Black.
Intéressé ? ☞
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