IXION reveals “Into Her Light” new track from their upcoming album “Return”

IXION and Finisterian Dead End Metal Label are proud to reveal “Into Her Light”, 1rst extract of their 3rd album entitled “Return” !!

The album will be out October 30th /

Pre-Orders are now open on www.finisteriandeadend.com

the 100 first orders will receive as a bundle “Through the Space We Die”, 1rst demo (released in 1997 , and totally remastered for this 10th Anniversary)


IXION / “Through The Space We Die” 1rst demo Re-Edition !!

IXION ‘s Announcement:

“It is exactly ten years since we released our demo “Through the Space We Die” !!

To celebrate this anniversary, we’ve worked on a limited and slightly remastered re-edition ! The 100 copies, packed in cardboard sleeves, will be distributed by our label Finisterian Dead End / Metal Label.

Even if the compositions clearly do not benefit from the sound and production they deserve (this is far from our current works and standards), we believe it is a nice tribute to where it all began !”

IXION / “Return” / Artwork and Tracklist

We can now reveal the cover and tracklist of our new album RETURN !
1. Out of the dark
2. Into Her light
3. Hanging in the sky
4. Back Home
5. The Ocean
6. Contact
7. World of silence
8. Stranger
9. The dive (Fade to blue Part 2)

The cover is a photography taken by ourselves, illustrating the aerial and aquatic directions of the album.
RETURN to be released on Finisterian Dead End / Metal Label on October 30th – distributed by Season of Mist and CODE 7 Distribution

IXION ‘s New Album “Return” will be out on October 30th !!

The time has finally come to invite you to come back to Earth !

Our new album is called RETURN, and it will be released on October 30th !

From the outer space, through majestic clouds, and to the depths of the abyss, it touches on a wide range of our musical inspirations. For us it was the opportunity to introduce some post-rock and cold folk shades within our gothic/doom and ambient/electronic universe, and to welcome celtic tones back on the last track.

In the end, this is probably our most progressive and sometimes luminous work to date !

Stay tuned for the artwork and the first extract !

IXION I RETURN – to be released on October 30th 2017 on Finisterian Dead End / Metal Label – distributed by Season of Mist and CODE 7 Distribution

STINKY reveals 1rst new track from forthcoming new album “From Dead-End Street”!!

From the Band:

"We are very proud to reveal "No Recovery"(Feat. Vincent from Aqme/Butcher's Rodeo), 1rst extract from our new album entitled "From Dead-End Street" .It's darker, more melodic and a bit more Metal than the previous one. It illustrates diverse subjects such as the place of individual on a collective, on a society but also a necessary balance of the antagonisms or the will to move foward!
Our music is more mature. The first songs of "From Dead-End Street" were written almost one year ago so we were able to stand back on the contrary to the previous which was composed in the rush...
The new opus is a real reflect of the various musical universes of every band members such as hardcore, punk or Metal.
It will be out on October 13th via Finisterian Dead End Metal Label (Cd), Delete your favorite Records and Riot Bike Records (Lp) . Distributed by Season of Mist and Code 7.
We really hope you will like it , be ready to kick asses in the pit !!"

You Tube Link : https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=stinky+no+recovery

Pre-Orders :https://stinkyhc.bandcamp.com/merch

STINKY : “From Dead-End Street” new album Teaser!!

Stinky (Punk HxC, Nantes, Fr) reveals “From Dead End Street”‘s official Teaser (directed by Baldr Prods) !!
Their new album will be out this october on Finisterian Dead End Metal Label (with the Partnerships of Delete your Favorite Records and Riot Bike Records).
Distribution by Season of Mist, Code 7 and Finisterian Dead End.
Be prepared for THE 2017 HxC Kick in the teeth!!

MANTRA unleashes A NEW LIVE VIDEO for the track”PAREIDOLIA” !!

While Mantra‘s music is cerebral, it is on stage that their universe really unfolds.
Today the band unveils a new video that demonstrates the energy they deliver while performing their songs.
Discover “Pareidolia”, which deals with menhirs and optical illusions, themes found throughout their latest concept album “Laniakea”, which is anchored in the prehistoric era, and was released in 2016 by Finisterian Dead End.
You tube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeunbmNKmbA&feature=youtu.be

The band will perform at Hellfest on June 15 at 10:40 pm on the Metal Corner stage: a great opportunity to discover in the flesh the complex and hypnotic music of Mantra.

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