Entering a New Era… Finisterian Dead End reveals His Majesty THE SLAYERKING !!


Finisterian Dead End Metal Label is proud, honoured and definitely delighted to reveal The Slayerking to the world !

Backed by Efthimis Karadimas (the man behind the famous Nightfall), this 3 piece band produces, Progressive, Dark Rock rooted, Doom metal music.

Music, lyrics and the whole concept of their virgin album will haunt your minds and steal your souls.

Be prepared for His Majesty, The Slayerking in January 2016 !!

Welcome Efthimis K , Kostas K and Anna E in the Dead End Family !!


Thomas, The Veil and Red Dawn drummer is now endorsed by Czarcie Kopyto drum pedals !!


We always say that Finisterian Dead End Metal Label is working with great and talented Musicians!!

Congratulations to Thomas (The Veil / Red Dawn) who is now endorsed by one of the greatest drum pedals factory: Czarcie Kopyto !!

This structure is well-Known thanx to its partnerships with Inferno (BEHEMOTH) , Krimh (SEPTICFLESH​) or Paul Mazurkiewicz ( CANNIBAL CORPSE) !!

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