ABDUCTION : “Une Ombre régit les Ombres” out October 28th !!

« Vois comme l’ombre fuyante indique nos heures, Une ombre régit les ombres, Nous ne sommes que poussière et ombres »

Abduction ‘s 4 plague Doctors are proud to reveal “Une Ombre régit les Ombres”(artwork by Mathieu Taverne and Guillaume Fleury, design Nicolas Butin, photo by Manu Wino, logos by Guillaume Fleury and Jean-Jacques Herrera, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, backcover by Franck Devedjian).

Their first album which was produced by Déhà (CLOUDS, WE ALL DIE (LAUGHING), MALADIE…) in his HHStudios in Sofia, Bul will be out on October 28th and distributed by Season of Mist, Finisterian Dead End and Code7 in a luxuous 6 panels , 12 pages booklet limited edition digipack.

“Naphtalia”, will be unleashed as a first extract on October 4th, be ready!!


ABDUCTION :Autumnal Black Metal enters Finisterian Dead End Metal Label’s roster !!


[Eng] Finisterian Dead End Metal Label is proud and honoured to introduce ABDUCTION , his 20th and talended roster’s band !!
Created in 2006 , Abduction is a promising French Black Metal Band
Inspired by Dissection, Opeth or Primordial.
Obsessed by the flying of time, the band pays tribute to France’s History, heritage and majestic landscapes through long, intense and melancholic songs, solely sung in French.
With a lot of care and passion, the 4 plague doctors present a unique blend of stormy, raging black metal and autumnal acoustic parts.
ABDUCTION aims at creating something truly authentic, poured out of flesh and blood.
A way to exorcise the burden of modern’s life and summon the scent of their ancestors’ soil !!

Be prepared for one the biggest european Black Metal Shock of this Fall !! Stay Tuned !!

DEREALIZED : “Isolation Poetry” / Artwork and release date !!

Digipack_Derealized_irlVOC6306 digipak dax112xx
Derealized members and Finisterian Dead End Metal Label are proud to reveal “Isolation Poetry” ‘s artwork. Their first album will be out October 21th !!
9 tracks (Total running 53’20 min) recorded at RockBox(red) Studio , mixed and masterised by HK at Vamacara Studios, this first release will be a limited edition digipack with an amazing artwork signed by Sylvain Lucchina (Razorimages) and layout by Mickey (Mythrid Art).
Distributed in France by Season of Mist and in Great Britain and Ireland by Code 7 ,”Isolation Poetry” will also be available on all worldwide digital platforms.
From technical death to black metal, with progressive elements, this album will surely be one of the greatest musical shock of this fall !!
Be prepared !!

For Fans of Anata , Aosoth, Opeth and Emperor !!

A Huge Thank you to our partners Mermet Guitars and Hesu Amps.

“Hate” 1rst RED DAWN ‘s new album Lyrics Video unleash !!

Out on May 27th, “Algorithm of Destruction” (Red Dawn 1rst album, mixed and recorded at Vamacara Studios) is one of the greatest 2016 French Death Metal releases !!

Distributed by Finisterian Dead End Metal Label , Season of Mist and Code 7 .

Elogious reviews worldwide, interviews, radios and magazines honours… this album is a great success!!

Please, welcome this first Lyrics Video for “Hate” , thanx to the artist Histrion Data (from Exu Productions) and based on the universe created by Above Chaos !!

Appreciate and Share !!

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