The Slayerking

Ester Segarra


Athens, Greece


Doom Metal with Progressive and Dark Rock Elements


The Slayerking is a 3 piece band founded in 2013.
His Majesty The Slayerking has authorised the following bunch of servants to play for his ultimate joy:
Efthimis K : Bass / Vocals
Kostas K : Guitars / Guitars effects / Backing Vocals
Anna E : Drums

Their sound is heavy but not harsh. There is a sense of bitter sweet taste throughout that delivers a warm numb while it is rooted in your mind.
Lyrically they are surrounded by all that hate and anger this world feeds us with and the ecstasy of revenge before it all turns to self punishment and sorrow for all what man is made of and stands for.

The Slayerking appraise the sounds of the 70’s.

People reckon traces of Tool, Black Sabbath, a bit of Slayer’s twist,some wishbone Ash Maybe, Trouble, early Paradise lost, Nightfall in The Slayerking’s music.


“She is My Lazarus” Lyric Video :


“Sanatana Dharma”: January 18th 2016 (Lp / Finisterian Dead End)


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