ANGELLORE unveils 1rst Video Clip ” Blood For Lavina” !!

“It has always been a dream for us to illustrate a song of ours with a video. “Blood For Lavinia” being somehow catchier and more straightforward than what we usually do, it appeared as a natural candidate. The song is based on Rosarius’ first novel, ‘Apostasy’, in which the vampire Ambrosius – here portrayed by our bass player Celin – is trying to convince a dying Lavinia to give up on her human nature and join with him in a new existence. The video is inspired by German expressionism and 20’s cinema, especially the works of Murnau and Fritz Lang. Filmed in the mountains nearby the Switzerland border during a freezing weekend of February 2017, the shooting was very demanding for the band and especially the main actress, who had to lay down in the snow in a simple dress in order to shoot some of the death scenes.”

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