ANGELLORE “Dreams (Along The Trail)” Lyrics Video !! “Rien ne Devait Mourir” 1rst track!!

“Dreams (Along The Trail)” came out as a surprise for us all. Instead of working on a demo version first and then add all the ornaments and layouts as we usually do, the whole band started to play along this very simple flute melody that Rosarius had, and that felt like an intriguing leitmotiv. We rehearsed it a couple of times, but it was only when Rosarius found the spellbinding guitar melody for the bridge section that the song really reached its full potential and unveiled its magic. Isn’t it what dreams are made for?

“Rien ne devait Mourir” will be release february 14th and already available as preorders here: (vinyl edition) (hand-crafted digipack CD edition)

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