MANTRA unveils the concept behind its new record !!!

A concept-album based on superimposition

Is the body inseparable from the mind? What remains of us after we die?

Free spirit of the French metal scene, Mantra has been exploring the boundaries of progressive music for nearly 10 years. Ritual-like atmospheres on stage, shamanic or metaphysical concept-albums: the band cuts loose to give life to genuine shows, and goes as far as incorporating contemporary dance into its appearances on stage.

The quartet, now scattered around France, has unveiled the very first notes of its third album MEDIUM through a short 1-minute teaser. The theme of the record is set: the body-mind duality. Superposition appears to be the underlying theme of the successor to “Laniakea”, which had marked the spirits in 2016 by its ability to blend violence and softness into a prehistoric tale.

MEDIUM will be released in October 2019 through Finisterian Dead End in both vinyl and digital formats.

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